Kyrie Irving is Officially a Celtic

celtics-cavaliers-basketballLast night, the Celtics and Cavaliers finally were able to finalize the blockbuster Irving-Thomas trade. Originally, Boston sent Cleveland Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and a Brooklyn Nets first round pick for Kyrie Irving. However, when Cleveland examined the condition of Isaiah’s hip, they grew concerned and the deal was halted. The Cavs were reportedly trying to get Jayson Tatum or Jalen Brown as well, but the Celtics stood their ground; and, instead, a 2020 Celtics 2nd round pick will be added to sweeten the deal for Cleveland, making the trade official.

As a Celtics fan, I really like this trade. Although we gave up a lot of assets, Kyrie is a 25 year old star that will make the Celtics all the better. Isaiah Thomas is my favorite player, and will forever appreciated, engraved in Celtics history, and will no doubt will be dearly missed in Boston. However, his hip injury is worrisome, and he has stated that he wants a max money deal, so this year would likely be his last with us anyway. Crowder and Zizic were solid bench players, but I’m not too upset about seeing them go. The only thing of guaranteed lasting value for the Cavs is the 2018 1st round pick. If and when LeBron leaves the Cavs, they’ve put themselves in decent shape with IT (if he resigns) and the picks. The Celtics have Kyrie, Hayward, Tatum, Brown, and Horford, along with a stockpile of picks and leverage in future deals.

Ultimately, the trade was equal on both sides and Boston fans should be excited to watch Irving for years to come. The finals shouldn’t be too far off.


LA Chargers Starters Give Impressive Showing in 21-19 Preseason Victory


The Chargers starters put together a strong showing, as the offense and defense made key plays leading to an early 21-0 lead over their LA rivals on Saturday. Phillip Rivers had an impressive 6/6 day, with 85 yards and a touchdown to his name. He found Travis Benjamin for a 45 yard TD, and targeted Keenan Allen early and often, giving him 5 catches for around 40 yards. Rivers continues to look healthy and locked in and Benjamin and Allen are impressing early on.

Joey Bosa also came up big with a strip sack in the first quarter, and Melvin Ingram scooped it up and took it home for a touchdown. Jason Verrett also had a big pick, his first following his season ending injury last year.

Overall, I liked what I saw from the starters tonight. Phillip Rivers has been as expected. Locked in and ready to give his team a chance to win every single night. He will continue to put up good numbers, he just needs to decrease his interception totals. We all know that, if healthy, Keenan Allen is a top receiver in the league. He’s electric and fun to watch, but in order for the Chargers to have any sort of success this year, Allen HAS to stay healthy. He is THE top weapon for Rivers. Travis Benjamin, a speed demon, is also due for a breakout year with the Chargers. His speed is his specialty, his physicality is not. Then, there’s good ol’ reliable Antonio Gates. Arguably the greatest TE of all time, number 85 is still right there with us, a talented youngster in Hunter Henry right behind him, learning from one of the greats. Melvin Gordon had a breakout year last year, and I expect him to do more of the same, so long as the offensive line can manage to stay healthy.

Our best defensive players, Bosa, Ingram, Verrett, and Hayward, have to really step it up and lead by example. The defense is still a weak point, and the fans are counting on these guys to shut it down. Bosa is an absolute beast who will likely put up double digit sacks again. Him and Melvin Ingram are two elite pass rushers. Verrett and Hayward are a great duo at CB and should shut down some of the very best.

The Chargers key to success is staying healthy, something they’ve really struggled to do the last few seasons. I don’t expect them to make the playoffs, but if they manage to stay healthy, I can see them winning at least seven games. The new team in town has talent and potential, and as long as our star players shine, lead the way, and stay healthy, I expect a considerably better year.

Sloppy Defense and Continuous Downfall of Rick Porcello Result in 16-3 Sox Loss

rick porcello articleThe Baltimore Orioles, a current fourth place team, continue to pick apart and destroy the Red Sox this season. The Red Sox dropped this game in a hideous fashion, committing five errors and giving up sixteen runs. Rick Porcello shows time and time again that his Cy Young caliber year was a one year wonder, as he’s returned back to the pitcher we all know and love. Porcello has great potential, as he showcased last year, capable of outstanding control and movement on his five pitches. However, he leads the league in giving up base hits and is tied for 3rd in giving up home runs. Rick typically struggles in the first inning, putting his team in an early hole from the get go, making every victory a come-from-behind one. It’s safe to say he’s been a massive disappointment this year, posting a 4.48 ERA, with 8 wins and 14 losses. While he is 8th in the league with 149 strikeouts,  he hasn’t had nearly the same success.

The real reason for this ugly loss; however, was the defense. The Red Sox have been a middle of the pack defensive squad, but they really fell off the edge in this game. Rick Porcello and Xander Bogaerts threw it away trying to force an out at second base, Benintendi made a lazy throw home, Devers threw it away, and Sandy Leon under threw to second base, resulting in yet another injury of a second basemen, with Machado yet again in the mix of it. Nunez had to leave the game due to the play, and is listed as day to day with a sprained knee. Porcello gave up eleven runs, but only four earned. That should tell you all you need to know about how horrendous the Red Sox defense was tonight.



On a positive note, the funny story of the game is that Mitch Moreland took the mound for the Red Sox in the top of the ninth inning. Moreland actually looked pretty decent as a pitcher, as his fastball clocked in as high as 91 MPH and he had a crazy slow curveball. Moreland gave up two hits in the inning and actually struck out one, giving up no runs. Xander Bogaerts was also finally able to flash some power, as his two run shot was the only bright side of the offense tonight. All in all, it was an ugly game, and who would’ve thought Mitch Moreland would give the best pitching performance for Boston?

Tomorrow’s starter’s are Eduardo Rodriguez and Kevin Gausman, spelling more trouble for the exhausted Boston bullpen, as E-Rod’s outings are consistently short. However, Rodriguez has a good track record against the Orioles in his career. We can all but hope he can take that success and carry his team, giving the pitching staff some rest and his team some confidence following this blowout loss.

Introduction Post

I’m new here, so before jumping into my annoying, irrelevant opinions, I wanted to make an introductory post. I’m 16 years old with not a lot of writing experience, so don’t expect anything amazing. I’m making this “blog” simply to write about my opinions, MOSTLY about the Red Sox, Bruins, Chargers, Celtics, and various other sports topics.

I’ll also post about a little bit of everything I’m interested in, such as heavy metal/rock music, the LGBTQ+ community, my atheist ramblings, reality TV shows, video games, books I like, YouTube, some personal things/experiences, and maybe little political tidbits. I’ll probably keep this blog mainly private/hidden, as I’m just using this for me. But if anyone does happen to see this, I hope you enjoy.